Where is Your Focus, Focused? On “Stuff” or on the Important “Stuff”?

Monday, June 6th, 2011 Mike Kerr

According to the Human Capital Institute,  70% of a leaders job should be to focus on creating an engaging culture and building the talent within an organization.  This seems reasonable to me. More than reasonable in fact, because this is what being a leader is all about!  If culture is one of the key drivers of success (and it is) then leaders better be spending their time and energy building a better culture.

Yet when I tell leaders about this 70% figure, many of them laugh.  At me!  Now I can take being laughed at, that’s what I do partly for a living.  But the reasons for their laughter of course is that they think spending 70% of their time on this “stuff” is totally unrealistic.

Usually becasue their days are filled up with….

1. Meetings

2. Meetings

3. Meetings about meetings

4. Paperwork

5. Meetings about paperwork.

6. Paperwork about meetings.

So devoting 70% of your time to this “stuff” isn’t going to happen unless there’s a major shift in thinking. It’s not going to happen until everyone realizes how important this “stuff” is, and until everyone stops doing (or substantially reduces the amount of time they are doing) all the other stuff that eats up your time, drains your energy and takes you away from the real task at hand.

The task of being an incredibly inspiring, successful, happy and productive leader.

Michael Kerr, 2011

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