If you’re not having fun at work, chances are you’re people aren’t either

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 Mike Kerr

There’s a sort of mantra I tell myself before going out onto stage in front of an audience. I use it especially if I’m concerned about the mood of the audience or walking into a challenging situation.

And it’s simply this: “Have fun. If I’m not having fun, the audience is definitely not going to have fun.”

It’s an old maxim that a speaker’s emotional state and energy level is mirrored by the audience.

The same could be said of leaders.

We know, as trite as it may sound on the surface, that attitudes and emotions are incredibly contagious.  Think of the energy-sapping potential of just one team member to bring down an entire office.

This applies triply so for leaders.  Leaders are far more likely to infect the mood of a workplace with whatever attitude and energy level they are bringing into work.

So check your attitude every morning before you go into work.

Tell you’re face you are genuinely happy to be there.

Walk with a sense of purpose – be aware of the energy level your body language and gestures are giving off.

Create a morning ritual that forces you to reflect on your own attitude and that puts you into a positive frame of mind.

Remind yourself that no matter what is going on at work, true leaders understand how important it is for them to model the attitudes, emotional state and energy level they want to see in their own team.

Because like any great speaker, as a leader you are always in the spotlight.

Michael Kerr,  July, 2011

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